Jeremy Clarkson: Aries pinup 2015

Aries Profile for 2015 pinup Jeremy Clarkson, courtesy of his performance in a leading role in Where's My Steak??!!*
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of the incident report
The popular and despised co-host of globally broadcast show Top Gear has risked his career over a fracas** reportedly over not being provided a steak meal at 10pm after filming

Astrological indicators reveal the following:
Clarkson's date of birth April 11 1960 gives an Aries Sun -personalities under this sign are known for rough edges, anger, aggression, risk-taking, caustic attitudes, along with courage, impulsive behaviour and having a short fuse. Fools are not suffered.
Clarkson presents an archetype of Aries in his Top Gear persona

A full moon on April 11 1960 means the polar opposite energy
Libra is also emphasised. 
A balance has to be found between the Aries me myself I kind of selfish worldview and the need to be socially acceptable.
Clearly Mr Clarkson is yet to find that equilibrium.
A big dose of rebellious Uranian energy is in the picture making Mr C a rule-breaker and even more prone to I'll do it my way.

Saturn is also prominent which is his saving grace. Without the restraining voice of guilt, some smidgen of a sense of responsibility and the capacity to flip into senior management mode, Clarkson would be so far off the rails he would not be employable.

Venus in Aries adds to the firecracker personality but Mars and Mercury in Pisces along with Neptune colluding with Mars mean that alcohol and drugs are a big no-no. He will be attracted to both, as well as harbouring fantasies of being someone that he isn't.
At his worst when under any intoxicating influence, Pluto will operate nastily through his Mars
making him a high risk mis-behaver. Pluto gives the sense of invincibility and the enjoyment of complete control to the point of grossly over-stepping the mark.
Saturn too is a control freak influence but on account of seeking micro-management - not purely to make others submit.
The Saturn and Pisces-Neptune effects can both work to undermine and dissolve the bolshy, gutsy persona Clarkson tries to cultivate. His soft and mushy wuss factors are quite evident though beneath the surface.
Fears, insecurities though are best kept off the script when you're a danger-man.

So there's a lot of baggage churning away beneath for persons born on this day, and Jeremy Clarkson happens to be one of them. No surprises then that he regularly gets into trouble.

[*Red meat is the preferred diet of the Aries]

Without a specific birth time and place for Mr Clarkson, any further refinements of this profile are not possible

Falling from Grace: UK has seen many stumbles

A contemporary astrological theme impacting the human condition since 2012 involves high profile people falling from grace. [Uranus square Pluto]
The underlying issue is how humanity uses its power -physical, intellectual, emotional, financial etc.
When a high profile person is called to account for a significant transgression, a collective learning experience is on offer. 
Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, allegations against William Roache & Michael Le Vell are just some in the entertainment industry whose reputations have been impacted by allegations or proven abuse of power. For these 4 the public focus was on their use of personal power -including their male power, their position or fame, to cross sexual boundaries. Harris was convicted. Saville escaped via death. Roache & Le Vell were found not guilty.
Clarkson's situation, involving an extensive back catalogue of behaviour which fits the definition of abuse of power
For this reason this event involving Clarkson is raised in significance to a major point of consideration.
The BBC has done the right thing by not condoning power abuse.
Humanity has to make a clear stand regarding what is acceptable human conduct in a civilized environment.
Without such guidelines and boundaries we are collectively at risk of degenerating to a climate of widespread brutality.
The civilizing codes are just a thin veneer over our ancient heritage: it takes little to breach that barrier.

March 25 2015 - The BBC has fired Clarkson after an incident report reveals a sustained physical & verbal attack on a Top Gear producer on March 4 at the crew's accommodation.
Full incident report

**March 2015 news re original incident

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Uranus and Pluto are locked into a 90 degree square angle 2012-2016


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