APRIL 2015 Planet Earth astrology

Latest update : Extreme weather, extreme punishment, extreme force plus Mass fatalities in Nepal quake -scroll to updates starting April 25
The energy forecast for planet earth in April 2015 is a perpetuation and possible amplification of primal forces that erupted in the context of the March 2015 total solar eclipse on March 20.
To recap on globally significant events -documented originally in March report bearing the primal signature:
March saw:
  • A range of earthquakes over M6 - none ended up being in threatening locations
  • extreme weather in diverse locations including torrential flooding in Kashmir, Peru & Chile; destructivecyclone or typhoon events
  • human extremism involving the destruction of Flight 9525 and death of 150 persons including pilot Andreas Lubitz, deemed accountable - analysis
April 2015 total Lunar Eclipse, brief, though widely visible  has the potential to perpetuate themes as outlined above.
Each location in the world has its site specific layout but identical inner contents.
This London chart is quite emphasised related to eclipse effects -will something extreme unfold there in the timeframe till the next lunar eclipse? [September 2015]
Ample drama is on offer with Jupiter in Leo in the birth zone -first house of the chart -and linked to the sun-moon and lunar nodal axes.
The lunar nodes always indicate collectively significant issues or events.
Uranus and Pluto with their primal eruptive combined signature are also tightly linked in.
The mathematics are highly relevant denoted often by a clustering of energies around a particular tight range of degrees.
A domino effect occurs with this lineup, making it a potent mix .
Ultimately the zodiac signs are irrelevant in terms of activation. It is the mathematical degree positions and angles that do the work
Lunar nodes at 10
Jupiter at 12
Sun and Moon at 14
Pluto at 15
Uranus at 16
From 10-16 = 6 degree range so midway is 3 degrees so 13 degrees will trigger the whole lot.
Jupiter is the planet positioned to keep the pressure up even into June - it will be reach 19 degrees by then and so will Uranus.
April 4-5 stands out with Moon in Libra passing through the positions linked to Uranus and Pluto [updates: al qaeda crisis in Yemen;
 April 4 Walter Scott shot dead by Policeman Michael Slager in Charleston US]**
April 5-6 - Pluto and then Uranus link to the Sun- increasing potentials for accidents, destruction, death [ update April 7 power outage Wash DC]*
April 11-12 stands out with Moon in Capricorn triggering various eclipse elements.
April 17-18 stands out as a period when:
Aries aggressive energy elevated being New Moon
Mars links to Jupiter adding fuel, aggravation
Moon in Aries triggers eclipse Aries -Libra factors + Uranus, Pluto
[update: terrorist plot re ANZAC war commem. event foiled in Melbourne Australia as hotspots in Northern continents continue to erupt. See timeline below***]
Personal Effects
Aries-Libra is always about Self and Other - finding the balance between being an individual and being in partnership; being able to be independent vs dependent.
Aries is war energy. Libra is peace energy.
Aries is me, myself I.
Libra is partner focussed.
Think about where you are operating too much and where too little.
Upheavals and terminations in partnerships with lots of drama are inevitable surrounding the energy of this eclipse due to the involvement of Uranus and Pluto
The worse case scenario is not the end of a marriage or relationship and a messy settlement, but a power struggle with violent and fatal consequences.
This is a time for cautious, self protective moves if you see that a situation has to change.

As always -the energy is earthed in particular people and in particular locations. 
Your personal experience is a matter of degrees of separation from the issue[s] being triggered by prevailing energies.
Global resonance occurs however when events occur with mass impact.
Eclipse energies can be retriggered many times within the six month period of potential effect.
It is common to see significant eclipse effects arise before the date of exactitude
eg April 2 2015 
Al-Shabaab kill 147 in attack on Kenyan university  [Garissa University College]
*April 7 Washington DC Power Outage affects White House.
No terrorism link but any widespread outage of this kind is a cause for concern. This event was apparently
"caused by a small explosion and fire at a power substation in southern Maryland, according to local and U.S. officials."[ Uranus [electricity] in Aries [fire] in tight conjunct the Sun at 17 Aries and at right angle to Pluto [explosive energy] on Tues April 7]

**April 4 Black man Walter Scott, shot dead from a volley of 8 bullets discharged by Charleston US Policeman Michael Slager, reignites the racial tension between US Police and the Black community.
This tragedy may be the one to turn the tide against Police due to the killing having been filmed by an onlooker with the implication that the officer in addition to the shooting then attempted to fabricate evidence in his favour. The initial encounter was reported as due to a broken tail light. Officer Slager then claimed a tussle over a taser gun. Video suggests Slager placed the taser next to Scott as he lay dying.
This event is a classic case of abuse of power -the authority of Police, the lethal use of a weapon are central to this case and represent exactly the type of imbalance in human behaviour that has to be corrected for us collectively to move forward. For detailed analysis and astrological insights re this message for our times read related post Inequality and the Misuse of Power

April 8 Midwest & Plains tornadoes place millions at risk
April 12 LA quakes

April  2015 has seen an intensification of ISIS activity in numerous global hotspots as well as developing locations of concern -Australia in particular with flow on potential as far as New Zealand.

April 18 New Moon in Aries
This energy accentuates for at least a lunar month time frame the energies of Aries and Mars
This is easily expressed as anger, aggression, military, terrorist energy on account of Jupiter amplifying the Mars potentials.
High drama is on offer with Jupiter in Leo
The prevailing Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn adds to negative outcomes involving excess and extreme force.
The same energy affects natural conditions -the Earth's state of balance/imbalance, the atmospheric conditions and therefore weather.
The world is watching ANZAC 100 year WWI commemorations held in numerous locations including Gallipoli and UK and Commonwealth nations.
The potential for terrorist opportunistic assaults must be regarded as high at an event with deep significance to the West and its military history.  Already related news has emerged:

***April 18 - news around this period 
ABC report
April 19 news headlines

April 19 report of a boat capsize of 700 people escaping Libya.
The boat sank when in sight of land, excited people rushed to one side of the vessel, causing it to overturn. A dramatic death toll is anticipated.
This event involves significant keywords related to the prevailing forces discussed: imbalance, overturned , terminated- as well as the impact on relationships, partnerships - BBC news report
April 20 Severe weather hits Sydney Australia with lots of rain and wind


April 20 UK teen held over terror plot
April 20 teen kills teacher with crossbow in Spain. Armed also with a knife, these 2 cutting/piercing weapons are typical preferences of Mars/Aries induced aggression
April 21 report from Australia - extreme storm
 April23-24 Central NZ quake activity returns

April 25 Nepal west of Kathmandu M7.5 quake 
Mass fatalities recorded in early assessment. Eye witness accounts.
This may be the most significant global quake since Japan's Tohoku quake & tsunami 2011
April 26 extreme weather Texas, US -natural forces extreme
April 27 -riots erupted across West Baltimore, US after the latest death in a string involving black men and Police =extreme force, extreme response
April 29 - drug offenders executed in Bali the use of extreme punishment makes this action relevant to the prevailing energies noted for April 2015

further relevant updates will be added


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