Nepal 2015 spiritual rebirth: quake astrology

Mass fatalities and widespread effects 
from the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal.
The Dragon Lies in the Mountain - intuitive artwork conceived of in March 2015, commenced May 2015
This link made between dragons and earthquakes is borne out not only by ancient Chinese technology and also by discoveries such as this report

Latest: scroll to end for May 12 quake
Given the context of the prevailing powerful 90 degree angle of Uranus and Pluto which has considerable energetic potential to enact earth changes, April 2015 has followed on strongly from March 2015 [the last exact Uranus-Pluto square in this 2012-2016 cycle] in manifesting earthquakes of significant magnitude, as well as the major Calbuco eruption in Chile. The April forecast and updates covers these matters both before and in news updates.
On a personal level, this Uranus-Pluto cycle is about making major changes - or being forced to; redressing energetic imbalances, ,assessing use/abuse of personal power

This post focuses on the astrological elements, primarily the mathematics of the midpoints and their significance.
From the basic chart set for Kathmandu, local time 11.56am
the spread of planets, their positions angles and relationships are indicated
Jupiter rising dramatically in Leo, connected to the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Midheaven in the Earth sign Taurus.
Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the 8th.
The destructive energies of Pluto, Uranus, Saturn all link in turn to multiple other chart energies.
We know that the theme of "world-upside-down" has entered the lives of countless people in this extended period of Uranus-Pluto upheaval.
We know extreme events of nature and expressed through people are channels for this energy. 
The standout elements of the quake event in the chart drawing, taken together, tell part of the story of the powerful prevailing energies, but this first glance method, in this instance, does not jump out immediately with the signature of a mass karma event.

This situation is one where the use of midpoints is where the revelations lie.
By using the midpoint grid, any two chart factors can be considered to see the energy point at which their combined energies are expressed. eg Sun-Moon meet at 15.33 Gemini

Using the midpoint grid for the April 25 Nepal quake, patterns are detected to see where the energy is most focussed.

An immediate standout is the late mutables [Gemini-Sagittarius-Virgo-Pisces] since there are so many midpoints in the range 24-30 degrees. 

This blog has devoted two specific posts in 2013 and 2011 to the energy point known as the Galactic Centre & it's connection to extreme forces or extreme weather.
The Galactic Centre of our solar system currently sits at 27 Sagittarius. This extraordinarily powerful focal energy point arises repeatedly in analysis of events on earth that have global resonance and meaning.
Mass movements of people, mass evacuations - as documented astrologically here in 2011, are also clustered when the late mutable signs are strongly activated 

In addition, Japan's nuclear events as analysed astrologically show the same activation of points related to the Galactic Centre - ie any or all of the mutable signs in late degrees.
Major quake and tsunami events also show the same pattern as covered in this 2011 post

What can be found repeatedly in the Nepal quake is the recurrence of midpoints in late mutable signs.
This data is sourced directly from the grid graphic and includes midpoint pairs such as Uranus-Neptune in Pisces [28 degrees]; Moon-Saturn at 29.58 Virgo.
This graphic presents the mutable cross with all four signs represented:
Beneath the mutable cross are standout midpoints across the range of planets.
Note that direct and indirect midpoints are taken as equivalent [an example: a midpoint in Virgo is equivalent to the same position in Pisces because individual zodiac signs are far less relevant than their group expression -[eg cardinal, fixed or mutable].
What stands out here are the roles of the destructive trio Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, especially Pluto in connecting up with other energies -and the repetitive focus on Neptune.
Take the first example Saturn-Venus=Neptune.
Saturn Venus together represents the loss of relationship, grief, separation, sadness.
Saturn-Venus-Neptune as a collective experience takes this to the level of a mass spiritual event.
This is reinforced most clearly by Pluto's transformational power on a spiritual level [Neptune] focussed on the chart's highest point -where the Sun sits in tight conjunction to the Midheaven.
A spiritual rebirth, affecting masses of people in a part of the world associated with religious practices, primarily Hindu with around 10% Buddhist will be seen in it's larger context.
In totality this is a spiritual event for all of humanity.

It is also of significance that the earth is in an eclipse cycle that relates to the March 20 total solar eclipse at 29.27 Pisces.
This energy has the potential to be retriggered multiple times until at least the next solar eclipse - in Sept 2015 
Themes related to late mutable signs have been noted earlier including mass evacuations [major fatalities in Mediterranean from boats sinking, overloaded with refugees; mass movements of people from quakes and Chile eruptions] and extreme weather/earth strain.

To confirm the quality & intensity of your personal degree of connection to the Nepal Quake, study or get assistance to analyse the midpoint grid, in particular the features emphasised earlier. 
Look for your own birth planets in the range 24-30 degrees in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius.
Look at any repeated degree positions in the midpoint grid that match any of your birth planet positions.
Multiple matches increase the meaning of this event for you. 

The ANZAC 100 year Commemorations held in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and of course the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey were held according to tradition as dawn approached on April 25.
This collective mass sentiment amongst both attendees and those observing or following via media, also offered an opportunity for spiritual rebirth, since the majority of relevant planetary positions were little different when these gatherings occurred compared to the timing of the severe quakes in Nepal, just a couple of hours later.
Mass movements of people towards and away from meeting places in the respective locations. A significant change in personal response, an elevation in empathy and compassion were on offer. It was the destructive power of human military conflict that blended with this situation, not the power of natural forces

Geologists frustrated at lack of predictive methodology....[ well they can read this blog in secret]

Geologists determine different sequences in Nepal quakes history in Kathmandu region
A proposed dating system in the above article suggests that different fault lines have known precedents in history, as per these years linked:
1255  >>>>> 1934
1344 >>>>>> 2015
1505 >>>>>> 1833

A quick look at 1344 shows Pluto and Uranus were conjunct all year, ranging from 10-16 degrees of Cardinal sign Aries
In 2015 Pluto ranges from 12.58 Capricorn to 15.32 Capricorn; Uranus from 12.37 to 21.35 Aries. Both in Cardinal signs.
In April 2015 on the 25th, Pluto was at 15.32 and Uranus at 17.30. Midpoint is 16.30 in a Cardinal sign.
This mathematical match is undeniable.
It's called a sensitive degree.
Pluto will pass over the 15-17 degree position multiple times in 2016 
Jan, Feb, June, July, Aug, Sept , Nov, Dec = most of 2016
Whether Pluto alone [Uranus by now has sped ahead from late Feb 2016] is capable of bringing more unrest there remains to be seen.
The Jan 2016 New Moon in Capricorn is at 19 degrees tightly activating Pluto at 15 and Uranus at 17. This is a strong strain signature for any vulnerable earth structure.
April 7 2016 New Moon in Aries at 18 degrees. Uranus at 20, Pluto at 17 -also another strain signature in effect for a lunar month. 

NASA report on Nepal quake:

The April 25, 2015, magnitude 7.8 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal created waves of energy that penetrated into Earth's upper atmosphere in the vicinity of Nepal, disturbing the distribution of electrons in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is a region of Earth's upper atmosphere located from about 60 kilometers 1,000 kilometers above Earth’s surface. These disturbances were monitored using signals transmitted by the Global Positioning System (GPS) that were received by a science-quality GPS receiver located in a neighboring region to Nepal.
The disturbance measurements, known as vertical total electron content (VTEC) (depicted in blue in the upper panel), have been filtered using processing software developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, to show wave-like disturbances (circled in red) in the distribution of electrons in the ionosphere. The waves have periods of between two and eight minutes in length. The disturbance measurements following the earthquake rupture are circled in black in the lower panel. The colors represent the relative strengths of the earthquake-induced ionospheric disturbances as captured by the GPS signals, with red being high and blue being low.  
source & further content
May 12 2015
BBC report indicates that mass fatalities and injuries have accompanied a M7.3 quake at Dunche near Everest and close to the border of Chinese territory.
The closest town is Namche Bazaar. This follows aftershocks from the M7.8 on April 25 2015.
Kathmandu was once again shaken being 76 kms to the west of the epicentre but Tibet, China, Bangladesh and India also experienced tremors.
Numerous significant aftershocks have once more been recorded.

As always, check back for additions, updates etc 


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