June Full Moon - travel & commodities indicators

June 2015 June 2 2015 Sun in Gemini Moon in Sagittarius Full Moon lasting a lunar month.
What is already in the news?
CNN Money homepage top item June 4 2015

Neptune in Pisces prominent at this lunar period resulting in significant events involving water
A Full Moon always involves the dynamic of two zodiac signs which are at the same time positioned opposite each other, as well as sharing themes which are expressed in different contexts or different but related ways
Gemini and Sagittarius involve movement and development on the mental and physical arenas.
  • Movement by walking, cycling, land transport and local travel have relationship to Gemini energy
  • Movement over large distances is Sagittarian & therefore tends to involve foreign travel. Physical movement being involved in travel is also involved in exercise and sport –where physical development, exploration of physical limits are explored.
The mental aspect of Gemini involves day to day information and communications and includes messaging, phone calls, conversations, written communications and all the devices entailed.
Movement here means the travel of information is involved.
The mental aspect of Sagittarius involves the use of the mind covering a much larger perspective and therefore leads into philosophy and religious belief. This involves travel within the mind, contemplation, expansion of thinking, mental exploration including advanced study.

Full moon energies bring any or many of these potentials to people whose personal energy is compatible [eg born with strong attunement to Gemini or Sagittarius]
Mars in Gemini is very close to the Sun at the Full Moon, bringing energetic communications adding to Jupiter in Leo linked to Mars – a combined theme of messages that are big-hearted, loving, generous.
Trips local and far for family reasons, for communicating love are indicated by the Jupiter and Venus connections to the full moon.

Mercury & Jupiter are the planets which further express the potentials of the Gemini-Sagittarius combo.
Mercury in Gemini being in retrograde state until June 11 tends to be problematical for communications matters/devices –so messages may be lost, misunderstood –and devices mislaid or lost, problems contacting people. Travel issues also involved - confusion, wrong turns, detours.

Neptune in Pisces is positioned at right angle to the Sun and Moon: a big message about water. On June 3 2015 the city of Dunedin, NZ took the brunt of this force and experienced a once in 100 year massive flooding of the city after torrential rain.
On June 4 Christchurch NZ also reported flash flooding.
Any other global location with strong connection to the prevailing energy of this month of June is vulnerable to an intense water energy - including the waters of the world and the vessels in transit over those waters –so a June 2 report covers a sunken tourist boat in Chinese waters –on the Yangtse River where many fatalities reported.

The energies of movement are subject to significant problematical conditions: difficulties, and for some, tragedies are involved in their travel experiences under current influences – indicated by Saturn in Sagittarius opposing Mercury and Neptune at right angle to Mercury –highlighting that water transport is particularly at risk for those of strongly similar energy

Political matters are never far off the radar in this exceptional period of restructuring and discontent [2012-2016] and the current lunar period highlights the political consequences of restricted growth. The slowed-growth theme includes economic as well as the grassroots indicators from the sectors of horticulture and agriculture which are in decline. 
In New Zealand this is the dairy industry due to successive declines in the price of milk solids.
The indicators analysed* suggest a very rough period June-July-August-Sept 2015 affecting those commodity sectors across the board already showing diminishing returns –as the bigger picture involves the mismanagment of the whole gamut of Earth’s resources, the structure collapsing, leading to freefall [*Pluto-Saturn]

  July 7 Google news screenshot confirms "commodities" and "freefall" energies predicted

More related news
Greek crisis starts to have global market impact as default comes at start of July on interest debt to IMF.
Some of the headlines captured June 29 as contagion begins
The death of New Zealand All Black Jerry Collins [along with his wife] in a traffic accident in France is a strong match for the prevailing energy.
Collins being a sportsman fits the Sagittarius profile.
He was travelling locally in land transport = Gemini.
As stated in the report;
The energies of movement are subject to significant problematical conditions: difficulties, and for some, tragedies are involved in their travel experiences

Update June 18
As anticipated in above report, economic and commodity news notes sliding fortunes: 3 items in the news today

 June saw the slide really begin.
The NZ Dollar echoes this direction:
past year: NZ dollar

July 5 - GREECE votes NO - chooses default over strict conditions -more astro-analysis summary on this specific situation is in this extra post


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