SATURN energy your best guide to the meanings

Often depicted as an "h" with a crossbar, the glyph for Saturn is said to represent the reaper's scythe - harvesting both the results of harvest and those of time
A useful guide to Saturn & arguably the best approach is not to laboriously detail sign by sign expressions, but to focus on what Saturn offers the three modality groups -the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs - which express different uses of the energy and organize the total 12 signs into their relevant essential shared meaning.

First: what energy does Saturn offer?
The association with karma is undeniable, the nature of universal law, cause and effect, the outcomes of actions, moderated by time.
Saturn delivers a restricting, restraining force in the context it appears in. This can have both positive and negative outcomes.
None of us is truly free despite the belief in the right of freedom, the right of free speech. There are always counter forces that require a response.
Saturn is the energy that reminds us of our responsibilities to our structured society, ways in which we need to control or manage our conduct.
I compiled in 2011 the extensive keyword list below: it identifies a large number of the themes and associated manifestations, but even more can be added.
Remember the symbolic goat associated with the most Saturnian sign, Capricorn: it sure-footedly climbs the mountain, feeling best in elevated positions, both literally and figuratively - so many Capricornian or Saturnian people are The Boss, the CEO, the politician, the controlling force in their environment. [long-term All Black Captain Richie McCaw]
On a more positive note, the Saturn potential is intended to be in loco parentis: to function as a guiding, mentoring or nurturing force in a working or societal context, a benevolent parental politician rather than a severe, austere enforcer.
We all carry Saturn energy, just in different contexts and intensities.
The more Saturnian people are likely in this lifetime to have to address a lot of accumulated karma.
After the introduction to the themes that Saturn energy generates now look to the 12 zodiac signs in their 3 different modes of using those themes
Cardinal: Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn
Fixed: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius
Mutable: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo

The signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn all concern issues of relating and the roles and duties associated.
Responsibilities to self, to others -including partners [ personal or business], relating to dependents young and old.
The duties of an individual in society.
The role that couples have in society
The role/responsibilities of the family unit
The role of management, governance and government
Those who resist rather than committing to the demands of Saturn in a Cardinal sign can experience difficulties with all of the major relationship categories, unhappy alone, unsuccessful in partnerships, avoidance of the parental role or finding parenthood too burdensome; never attaining career potential - all on account of not knowing the roles and duties that apply
 Saturn positioned in close contact or in angular relationship to Moon, Venus or Mars can also express these themes even if the birth Saturn is not in a Cardinal sign.
Saturn is in the Cardinal sign Capricorn in the period December 2017-December 2020 and so the Cardinal Saturn themes will be highly profiled in that period.
In addition it is the ideal time for people born with Cardinal Saturn to evolve their responsibilities to self and others.

The signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius are all concerned with survival and security
The focus of survival and security can encompass, for any of these four signs, the basics of food, money, possessions and usually the earthly elements -land, the natural world. All are placed at such high value that a tendency to excess -eg hoarding or excessive collecting & storing needs to be curbed
The survival instinct is usually pronounced, fighting to the death.
To achieve survival the fixed signs can resort to extreme control behaviours
The bonds of love and or friendship are regarded as critical in their sense of security due to the support and attention provided.
Group support, in general, as a means of security is valued
When Saturn is in a fixed sign, the ultimate resolution of issues of insecurity is to feel independently energetically secure, not overly dependent on external possessions or support systems. Without an inner secure axis, the sense of security may be significantly threatened, a feeling of death, impending loss or near death [re self or a significant other] is pervasive or highly influential in the life.
A critical aspect of survival is threatened [food, oxygen, love, support, money etc] or always feels threatened.
Personality complexes develop related to the fears associated with threatened survival; trying to dominate, control, monopolise people or resources; obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoading, collecting, excessive consumerism or consumption - are typical examples 
Saturn in angular or close contact to Sun or Pluto will add these themes in addition even when Saturn is not in a fixed sign at birth
Saturn is in the fixed sign Scorpio in the period October 2012-September 2015 and so fixed Saturn themes will be highly-profiled in that time frame.
In addition it is the ideal time for people born with Fixed Saturn to evolve their inner sense of security.

The signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo all describe the workings of the mind, thought or mental processes and the need to restructure the operation of the mind
Saturn here offers experiences that teach the calming of the grasshopper mind, the development of discipline and concentration in order to develop a mature belief system; the focussing of the mind which enables analysis and thereafter the ability to pass on knowledge, to teach; the deepening and expansion of the mind to spread far and wide into states of consciousness apart from the everyday attunement.
Meditation and mindfulness, in depth study are examples of mental discipline.
Resisting the processes of mental discipline and focus in order to restructure the mind is likely to create a negative mental disposition: depressive, gloomy, critical thoughts, inhibited communication, nihilism, a loss of belief, scepticism
Saturn in relationship to Mercury, Jupiter or Neptune -by angular position or close contact, will add this theme even if Saturn is not also in a mutable sign .
 Saturn is in the mutable sign Sagittarius in the period September 2015-December 2017 so Mutable Saturn themes will be highly-profiled in that era. 
In addition it is the ideal time for people born with Mutable Saturn to evolve their mental development.
The Saturn Eras
Saturn is at the very end of fixed sign Scorpio in August 2015 and will be followed by a 2 year mutable period, in Sagittarius.
Because of the inherent connection of Saturn to governments, politics and business and consequently being entwined in the economics and social conditions of any society, the 2-3 year period of transition through different expressions of the Saturn principles is important to reflect upon.

Saturn in Scorpio October 2012-September 2015 will have an impact on people's material well-being, their sense of material and physical security. Gains and losses occur but these are not the essence of what this part of the cycle is about.
Impacts upon economics, finances, income, food supply, food production, commodity values are all expected. 
A decline in values, losses, scarcities.
The shift is away from external dependencies and securities back to the basics, away from excesses, emphasising the creation of inner empowerment linked to following natural cycles rather than those imposed by humans. Of course only some will respond to the best potentials. Greed will still exist, but more will fall prey to its risks in a down cycle such as this.
The period from late June-early September 2015 reflects a major economic turning point - as will in time become very evident.

Saturn in Sagittarius September 2015-December 2017 will place significant emphasis on how people use their minds. 
This is a preparation, study and research period. 
Those who wish to benefit can use this time to begin practices related to any form of mind training -that might involve any kind of focussed concentration or deep thought information, theories, beliefs, meditation.
Failure to use this opportunity will see some respond to an uprising in negative or repressive beliefs, even a rejection of belief, an existential crisis or nihilistic position. 
En masse this will reflect the state of larger socio-economic forces.
The energies affecting growth are restrained -ranging from defects in the essential seed or plant, conditions affecting the irrigation or watering and the resulting poor or neglible produce. This period of difficulty also impacts all human systems or production processes that symbolically replicate the natural cycle.  
Conditions related to the creation of floods and droughts will be a significant factor at certain points: late November early Dec 2015, May, June, July, August, September 2016. Hemisphere differences and localised patterns will be the clue as to whether it is more likely to be an excess or deficit of water in your area.

Saturn in Capricorn December 2017-December 2020 
This marks a period when Saturn is in the sign and functional modality when its best potentials are possible.
Critical responsibilities, roles and duties arise.
Consider the protocols, ceremonies and conduct that surround the British Royal Family. Their traditional roles and duties [somewhat sullied in recent decades] are the essence of conservative moral conduct, informed by the responsibility of diligent service.
At its best, Saturn in Capricorn is the good citizen [Good Samaritan] who leads by example, mentoring or helping others to improve their circumstances, and to support those in need. 
Profound political restructuring is expected in this period - involving nations across the globe, not just western democracies - changes of government, changes within government, changes in the methods of governance which at its best will reflect the lessons learnt from years of political turmoil, dysfunction and loss of meaning, brought to a head in the 2012-2016 period.  

most people will experience the return of Saturn to the exact position it was at their birth, at least twice during their adult years.
Usually around age 30 and age 60 [ check your personal chart for exact dating] significant milestone events will occur which reflect the meaning of the sign, modality group, position and angular connections of your birth Saturn.
Knowing the sign Saturn was in when you were born is a portion of the full picture, which needs professional input.
Saturn's sign will show you which modality group theme you are destined to encounter repeatedly in this life - coming to a head especially at the time of the Saturn Return but also whenever strongly activated by one of the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto.
Saturn Return time can be difficult if your life prior to that time has been in avoidance of the responsibilities intended for your development.
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