Astrology of The 2015 Human Flood

September 2015 may represent the high water mark in the human flood impacting Europe - but unrelenting displacement is capable of breaching all existing infrastructure in the period beyond  2015
Latest: UN fears September 2015 is "the tip of the iceberg" in the human flood in transit across Europe. - scroll to end for full report

GOOGLE news search SEPT17 re Human Flood
 Regarded as the worst humanitarian crisis involving mass movements of people since WW2, some 12 million Syrians displaced since 2011, 4 million of those into other countries; 3 million displaced from Iraq since December 2013; Rohinaya Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladesh, numbering some 25,000 in the period January-March 2015. 
These are some but not all of the global situations representing floods of people on the move.

Planetary indicators show what may be the peak in middle September 2015
Jupiter in Virgo in exact opposition to Neptune in Pisces.
Jupiter in Virgo is the social networks of people, structured social groupings or demographics. 
Neptune is the energy of flow like water, a tide.
When Jupiter opposes Neptune the flow is extreme.
Neptune is also compassion and so widespread sympathy has been expressed for the refugee masses
September 2015 is noted not only for the human floods but also major flash floods in Japan and the US and any other significantly large body of water in movement. [as I write a M8 quake off Chile has sent a tsunami wave across the Pacific Ocean as well as along the shoreline in the region of Santiago.
Later reports indicate the mass movement of an estimated one million people from vulnerable zones in Chile -another human flood]

Opposing forces grow:
Controls, restrictions, barriers, walls, fences, laws, penalties, strict and austere approaches.
With the return of Saturn to Sagittarius on September 18 2015 the response to people of nationality that is foreign to a host nation becomes much less compassionate in certain locations.
A data base of keywords to understand Saturn principles is here 
[update: with Hungary adopting hardline approaches to the overwhelming influx, Croatia appeared to be a safe option for the exodus of refugees but rapidly the situation reversed in that nation too on Sept 18: seven of the 8 border crossings were closed. Some 17,000 people had entered Croatia since Weds Sept 17, proving impossible for local infrastructure. - BBC report
Slovenia began to effect border closures as well. 

update Sept 24 2015
a Human Flood in Saudi Arabia sees over 700 die, over 80 injured during convergence of some 2 million pilgrims to holy sites around Mecca for the Feast of the Sacrifice and the Stoning of the Devil rituals. A stampede of bodies occurred at a crossroads in Mina, outside of Mecca. -scroll down for analysis
Human streams converge- Mina Sept 24 2015
The Human Flood resulting in mass deaths in Mina, near Mecca, Saudia Arabia during the events of the Haj reflects strongly the prevailing planetary energies of Jupiter opposing Neptune and Saturn in Sagittarius. 
Jupiter and Sagittarius are indicators of spiritual or religious matters. Neptune represents a very similar attunement to the divine and includes devotion and worship. 
Saturn is associated with challenges, tests, difficulties or disasters.
Within the context of the Haj an immense devotional flood of human energy met the blockage and tragic outcome represented by Saturn.
A 5am local time for the tragic event shows Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron prominent on the sunrise-sunset AC-DC axis; Saturn in range of midway between the Sun and Moon.
These positionings amplify and electromagnetically earth the extreme energy in the location at that time.
click on diagram to enlarge in another window

Across the other side of the world, as this tragedy unfolded
but before the news was known, I observed, while walking 
in the late afternoon, a very large cloud in the blue sky. 
It was the shape of a Satan figure, viewed from behind.
 It formed a lunging position towards the waxing Moon above. 
It swallowed the moon and as the half moon was swallowed 
its full shape was visible, like a round stone 
descending the oesophagus.
Satan has connections to Saturn.
The ritual connected to the tragedy in Mina was
 "the stoning of the devil"
the half moon

the moon being swallowed

a large cloud form of Satan similar to this, swallowed the moon

update: Sept 27 the 96 year old, recently restored vessel MV Tuhoe foundered at the mouth of the Waimakariri River. After two nights spent stranded at the river mouth, the boat had taken on board 1m depth of seawater in the hull, the stern dropped and buckling and splitting destroyed the Tuhoe's integrity. An immediate deconstruction process ensued.
The prevailing energies of flood,  [Jupiter-Neptune, assisted by connected energies of Mars and Saturn] amplified by the September 28 Supermoon were all relevant in the ill-fated timing of the journey from Lyttelton -after $200,000 of restoration work, to its Kaiapoi River berth, passing the Waimakariri River en route. A sandbar trapped the boat -and not for the first time - June 1963 was a lucky escape for the Tuhoe when the boat got stuck on the Waimakariri bar but responded to refloating. Maritime mishaps were written in the stars when the boat first launched on April 7 1919.

October sees an intensification of the forces opposing the spreading human flood wherever in the world that this issue is manifesting.
Discord, anger likely with Mars conjoined with Jupiter in mid October.
 Saturn comes increasing closer to an exact 90 degree angle to Neptune

Restraints, legal restrictions, barriers intensify against the forces of flow and of justice, freedom and compassion.  
A polarizing struggle may result with sentiment strong on both sides in affected Eurozone communities -many in support of welcoming refugees, many opposed.
Different outcomes likely in different nations - one taking a hardline restrictive approach while a bordering country opting for tolerance and inclusion.
The Saturn-Neptune standoff intensifies through November and very pronounced as the month ends and December begins.

While significant restriction on refugee movements seem likely to be embedded across the Eurozone by December, it will be worth noting the events surrounding 18-20 December when another energy pattern begins to develop relating to mass movements of people.
New conditions in different locations likely to add to the social causes of displacement. 
Extreme weather conditions likely to unfold in mid December are also a significant part of the picture: drought likely to intensify in October, through November and December but any source of destructive flooding also potentially involved.
Galactic Centre position 27 SAG activated in December 
The Sun and lunar nodal axis will converge to provide a noticeable trigger of extreme weather conditions.

Jupiter conjunct the lunar north node will be triggered by the Sun-Node contact in December as an early indicator of events in January and February 2016 when Jupiter is tight to exact on nodal axis for weeks in duration

January 2016
Various surges of displaced people reaching great intensity, January into February
Crisis point in late January-early February.
Jupiter on Nodal axis. Moon-Uranus-Pluto, then Pluto-Uranus-Mercury, Moon-Mars. 
It seems likely that a perfect storm of social-political and environmental root causes are converging in the period  December 2015-January-February 2016 with human displacement on a very significant scale being the outcome in diverse global locations and not just restricted to the Eurozone.

The issues of drought and deluge reflect cyclic patterns returning and can be seen in past cycles of El Nino mirroring planetary cycles involving Saturn and Neptune.
When Jupiter combines forces with Neptune the deluge and flooding energies become extreme as noted in September 2015.
May 2016 will see a resumption of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition but Saturn will be at 90 degrees to both planets - Saturn is the restrictive energy, capable of offsetting some of the extremes, but also capable of wrecking or destabilising structures -natural or constructed and so landslips, landslides, riverbanks being breached are typical of Saturn bringing disastrous outcomes in respect of excess water.
May 2016: regarding the Human Flood: Saturn in Sagittarius is the punitive, restrictive response to foreign nationals offset against the socially responsible compassionate humanitarianism of Jupiter-Neptune

The UN is keeping very close observations of the ongoing mass displacement and fears 2015 is still witnessing the tip of the iceberg.
People emerging out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia constitute the principal affected zones. 
Focus is currently on an extra 10 million who may need to exit Iraq.

The environmental issues are covered in various prior posts including Water Issues
and Dust Bowl Drought
and El Nino astrological indicators 

Visit this page again for updates usually added here to extend and exemplify forecasted outcomes


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