World Economy Shakes October 2015

October 2015: what’s written in the stars
People and places most resonant with prevailing energies can expect to encounter adversity from events of socio-economic, political or environmental significance
Ongoing Themes Persist:

  • Economic growth indicators continue path of decline

  • Financial restructuring

  • Assets, financial position, markets, face further downturn

  • Drought fundamentals embedded & worsening

  • Extreme weather in vulnerable locations

NEW and FULL MOON in October
The solar-lunar events of the month emphasise ongoing and emerging themes.
The key lunar phases build in strength from 3 days before exact and have viability within the full lunar month until next month's new or full moon, due to other planetary triggers potentially activating the locational position of the new or full moon and/or the nodal axis of the moon.

NEW MOON exact on October12th/13th
Jobs dissolve or positions restructured
Serious economic news
Restricted finances
Restricted growth
Sudden shock in global markets is possible
update Oct 12
Oil down 5% on Wall St forecast demand in 2016 suggests further weakening; commodities accounted for most of the losses on the S&P500
update Oct 13
China import-export data continues downward, with imports a striking 20.4% down in September 2015 vs Sept 2014
update October 14
US and Chinese weakening data have downward effect on global markets

FULL MOON October 27
An unusually pervasive web of closely interconnected energy involving all planets.
Issues of material and physical survival raised by adverse conditions
Material/financial wellbeing dissolved or diminished
Suffering due to a sense of disempowerment, loss of control
Supply issues unbalanced: too much or too little
Social inequalities highlighted regarding the dysfunctional degree of focus on self versus awareness of others.

If the worst-case scenario arises and there is a noticeable globally significant economic shake in October - rather than just further volatility - this month will be of considerable importance as a marker of the long overdue and widely predicted - even by conservative financial forecasters - onset of another global financial meltdown.

The IMF considers the estimated US$3trillion in over-borrowing in emerging markets to pose the greatest risk to the global economy, the unprecedented spree of lending/borrowing being no longer viable.
Commodities like oil, minerals, metals are in a slump phase: the period 2005-2008 was marked by high prices, big investment and concerns about scarcity generated the oversupply problems causing problems in 2015.
If October is not a wipeout, then it is likely to be indicative of further contagion re declines in global markets and economies, evidenced as well in the employment data.
The bust itself could be slightly deferred.
Picking which straw breaks the camel's back is not an easy task.

update November 4 2015 - the Uranian effect [being opposite the October New Moon in Libra] bringing change in conditions, resulted in a bounce upwards, supporting global sharemarkets with Jupiter amplifying Venus and Mars bolstering Jupiter - all in mid degrees of Virgo. These are transient effects which will be not be sustained in the face of the passage of Saturn through Sagittarius -an indicator of inhibited, restrained growth -affecting everything from crops, to business.

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New York location selected for both key lunar events of October since any world market shocks will be registered significantly on Wall St as per prior historical events of last century.
Planetary cycles are the only methodology that explains recurrent patterns

1929 Black Tuesday
The US stockmarket crash occurred on October 24 1929.
Multiple energies of that time are repeating in October 2015
1987 Black Monday
The US stockmarket crash occurred on October 19 1987

Other Reading
A few years back I discovered Merriman Market Analyst -a highly successful American forecaster using planetary cycles. 
Somehow I forgot about this useful link, but recent indicators of significant factors impacting global economies reminded me of Raymond Merriman's site.
We both look at planetary cycles but don't use exactly the same emphasis and our analysis methodology is different.
Merriman is way more experienced in this specialist area and uses "advanced research techniques" whereas I am a generalist using just my brain.
However it is interesting to compare his October report and read his articles -from my perspective, in order to anticipate upcoming trends - not for investment purposes, which is his emphasis.


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