BREXIT astrology - the world has changed

June 2016 saw the UK deliver a LEAVE vote in terms of membership of the European Union
Most of the debate has been immigration focussed -but it is the political, economic and financial causes and consequences which are possibly more significant.
Astrological cycles are a powerful guide to historical events and in 2016 the essence of the current Saturn-Jupiter cycle has been awakened.
[May 2000 the last Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 22'43 Taurus
Note also: Pluto in that chart was 11'38 Sagittarius]
Fast forward to 2016
June 23
Saturn -the classic signifier of separation being by this stage at 11'40 Sagittarius triggers a transformational freedom [Pluto in Sagittarius] foreshadowed in the conjunction chart of May 2000
this quickly released image from the Leave sector
[Mars at 23'23 Scorpio on 23/6/2016 activates the original conjunction - Saturn and Jupiter play out the classic tug-of-war - Saturn = separating, versus Jupiter = being part of a big socio-political territory.]
But Saturn in Sagittarius requires a blending of the two motivations - and freedom through leaving seems to have captured a few more million people in the UK referendum

Pluto energy signifies that much has has to break down and burn to the core in order for a new version to arise out of the ashes.
This is transformation, this is healing and renewal - exactly the intense change that most people dread and fear right through to the cellular level, when it affects any aspect of life - but when a whole nation is collectively put on the bonfire, it's a powerful rebirth that's on offer.

Faith and trust are called upon more than ever that something better could arise -better than propping up dysfunctional plutocratic governments, the privileged and comfortable sectors who have been the clearly identified beneficiaries of neoliberal politics across the world, the architects of austerity, the engineers of inequality.  
[ The June New Moon with the mutable grand cross -Gemini Sagittarius Virgo Pisces served as a significant trigger for this momentous change -with Saturn, [leave] Jupiter, [stay combined] Neptune,[faith] Venus,[financial issues] Sun and Moon all in a battle for resolution: the Brexit vote has displayed what the majority wanted in the UK]
So June 2016 marks a very significant stake in the ground in the European and global arena.

In terms of energy shifts -which are essentially the role of astrology to identify and explain - we, globally and collectively are sitting, in 2016, on the fringes of the biggest shift in 200 years
excerpt from Saturn-Jupiter analysis*
So, in the most recent cycle, aside from 1980-81, our global humanity has been locked increasingly and highly dysfunctionally, into a very materialistic, money-oriented mindset since 1802.

In 2016, the world is again being put on notice, given a forewarning, a wake-up call, courtesy of Brexit and the obvious financial ripples, shudders and crashes.
A bright light is illuminating the coming transition towards the end of 2020 - the beginning of 200 years shift in focus - focus away from money, possessions, mass indulgence in greed, accumulating, collecting, storing. THINGS, objects, stuff, clutter.
And because nothing happens in a vacuum - global effects with mass consequences are the expected conduit through which humanity's relationship to money, possessions, accumulation is in many ways forcibly changed.
People en masse are simply not going to wake up in this transition period and beyond 2020, and say words to the effect I'm over this materialist shit - though a few already are and people in the 1960's hippy era did embrace this philosophy 
-[Saturn and Jupiter conjuncted in 1961]
So global events are the obvious precursor crisis that enforces less materiality -and yes, less money,- due to conditions of deprivation for many-rather than a pre-selected personal philosophical choice.

The hard way is enforced change.
The easier way is working out in advance where the flow is going and making personal decisions that create a shift away from so much extreme dependence on a materialistic existence - eg renting versus owning property, public transport versus personal vehicle, reducing the quantity of consumer goods purchased in favour of using just what you need or sharing/borrowing/hiring appliances/tools/equipment.
Being prepared to live on a lower income.
Getting rid of clutter, stored possessions. [The minimalist style is an early flavour of what is to be much more prevalent]
Downsizing -literally reducing the scale of the things you choose to keep - housing, transport - house to apartment; from car to a scooter.

Because we have already entered the transition period there are many indicators of these shifts in consciousness about materialism.
More is to come because it is a collective shift that will capture the essential mindset of humanity -and many will not be interested in making a change. But the flow cannot be resisted. Standing in a growing flood is simply the sign of a delusional ego.
Global financial crises have been continually anticipated again in the years after the 2007 GFC and the odds have arguably been increased with the Brexit Leave vote.
Brexit itself is not the world changer, Brexit happened because the world is in transition for even more change.

Some opinions:

References and Other Reading
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*Cycle analysis : Saturn-Jupiter
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