Cyberwar and the transition to Jupiter-Saturn in Air

The historic transition of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle from the earth element into the element of air has significant implications not only for the human response to the physical world, the material object, but also regarding the increasing role and dominance of the extra-terrestrial domains - the sky, outer space - and the forms of energy employed in those domains - especially any in wave-form rather than as a physical vehicle.
Consistent with this transition is the increasing presence of not only geosynchronous satellites [GEO] but now also Middle and Low earth orbits [MEO and LEO ] orbiting Earth in recent decades....

This satellite web encompassing Earth has no precedent and with the evidence of exponential growth recorded by the satellite industry due to a global dependency on this system for infrastructure support, we are definitely in bold uncharted territory given that Space is a hostile and unpredictable environment, under the local control of our massive sun-star  and vulnerable to all manner of fly-by attacks from wandering rocks.
The human capacity to subvert attack, destroy all manner of systems will increasingly become engaged in the detection and manipulation of vulnerabilities in all communications systems due to the potential of cyberwar to effect massive consequences.
The threat from Superpowers attacking each other's satellites is increasingly real ;
" the 1980s the Soviet Union developed parts of its Naryad antisatellite (ASAT) system to place "kill vehicles" in orbit that could attack GEO satellites..."
SIA graphic in their 2014 pdf
All communications systems
 correspond to the element of Air
In 2016 the world is in the transition period, approaching the full-blown dominance of Air based energies/technologies.
The antecedent and unfolding situation is as follows:
  • The elemental transition from earth to air dominance in technologies in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been preceded by repeated conjunctions in the earth element from 1842 until the end of 1980. 
  • From 1981 to May 28, 2000 there was a sequence of Air conjunctions
  • From May 28, 2000 to Dec 21, 2020 is the last gasp in Earth element dominance [focus on material objects & grossly physical technologies] for hundreds of years.
Due to adverse social-economic-political conditions hallmarked by aggressive and destructive human forces, this transition into Air technologies will see a global increase in cyber attacks affecting all communications systems from individual household and personal technologies to local, national and global networks affecting potentially the full range of infrastructure that has become dependent on this operational system.

[includes additional astrological references]

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