2017 Astrology - February Fire & Water

February 2017 will deliver some fiery energy in multiple forms -the natural fire element is very emphasised, along with high-combustibility which also signifies explosive energy
Latest: Feb 20 as forecast in this report...deluge aspect has also been evident many global locations especially those that have been or normally bone dry -including California

Feb 16

uncontrolled fires in Christchurch merge into one by day 4 
Even Trump is engulfed in smoke and a pending firestorm
"catastrophic" wildfire conditions have been reported in Australia 
extreme heat in eastern Australia and widespread flooding in Western Australia are examples of the 2 key elements fire and water being exaggerated under the complex pattern of this eclipse.
Feb 12 Seismic unrest has been elevated in New Zealand
as fire eclipse approaches Feb 9 gas explosion on cruise ship

All species respond to this energy climate so animals as well as humans are susceptible in Feb 2017 to higher levels of aggression. In humans this can range from more than usual irritability right through to outright rage. You will be somewhere on that spectrum but more so if you are unable to burn up the extra adrenal/hormonal flood: exercise, adventure and risk taking activities are more appealing now -but another prevailing effect is ready to deliver difficulties if the exuberance goes to excess.
This amount of adversarial, potentially argumentative energy is also best used in controlled competitive environments like sport -but again with self control.

The Saturday 11th eclipse in Leo adds more fire to the already present Aries and Sagittarius energies. Police, Fire Services and Ambulances will get a lot of activity in February: fights, accidents, car crashes, stabbings, shootings, fire/arson/explosions all more prevalent than usual.

Making things worse is a political climate veering rapidly across the globe towards repressive policies which are anti-humanitarian. The political brutality generated with Pluto's passage of Capricorn is amplified in February by connection to the nodal points that feed back to the Sun and Moon.
The end of January 2017 global protests against US President Donald Trump's policies look set to expand and endure even into March.

The best of February 2017
could be discovered in the context of the Pisces solar eclipse energies of the 26th.
After the Fire comes a lot of Deep Water.
An outpouring of compassion or a sense of one-ness and connectedness is possible in mass gatherings that address the fundamental relating issues facing humanity.
On a personal level the same opportunities are on offer:
How can we co-exist in a better, more harmonious, compassionate way?
How can I access my strength, bravery and confidence in order to enhance my enjoyment of others in social interactions?
A nation that feels inherently secure does not need to banish broad swathes of humanity but until the end of 2017 a pronounced fear of the foreign has more opportunity to take root where that fear is encouraged.

On an elemental level -torrents of water are the likely outcome in many global locations - eg in the US- the Lake Oroville dam posed a threat in mid February


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