Astrology - Millennial and Baby Boomer Generations

Having failed to find clear defining dates for identifying Generation Y, the Millennial Group, social research exposes a clear knowledge gap: the lack of appreciation of energy cycles. These are what identify the traits of any identified generation

The strongest prevailing energy within the loosely defined 1980's-1990's period for Millennial group births is the passage of Pluto through Scorpio from November 1983-November 1995.

To understand the traits described as identifying Millennials and how they could relate to the qualities derived from a planet in a particular zodiac sign requires some acceptance that everything is energy, that energy has qualities, that energy has cyclic patterns. Every change of experience is the result of perceiving a different "feel" in the energy. We are energy, embedded in energy and that energy is literally on a universal scale, inescapable. It's the fabric of our existence.
When you're born as a separate being your operating system [mind] is imprinted with the prevailing energies at that time, the pattern and qualities of which are presented visually as an astrological birth chart showing where the Sun Moon planets were located and what connections or synergies were happening amongst those forces.

Millennial traits identify significant generational aspects of personality - but not the full personality because human complexity allows for contradiction and modulating factors as well as individuality. So it's not like a generation produces a breed of clone-minds but instead more like some very similar DNA.

4 often-identified aspects of the millennial personality
involve how they relate to others, how they relate to themselves, how they deal with materialism & money.
These areas comprise the Survival Skills of Millennials
1. oriented to networking, teamwork & friendships
2. entitlement and narcissism - Me Me Me
3. big spenders especially in technology & experiential costs
4. re-inventing sexual behaviour - different sexual expectations, styles and for some less interest entirely

The astrological correspondences are strong when the impact of Pluto in Scorpio is full examined.
Scorpio belongs to the fixed energy group: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius.
The holistic multi-dimensional nature of energy [its quantum aspect] means that no single energy exists: all energy is multi-faceted -at the very least quadrupolar, consisting of 4 poles operating magnetically.
This aspect of physics applied very readily to the grouping of astrological energies into sets of four.
This means that irrespective of which single sign is involved in a planetary transit - as in Pluto in Scorpio -that all four are activated
This is the same with any individual born under a Sun sign - so all Scorpios will also have traits of Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, all Sagittarians will also have Gemini, pisces and Virgo traits, all Capricorns will display Cancer, Libra and Aries traits - whichever of the 3 energy groups you belong to means you are very linked in expression to the other 3 members of your group.

When Pluto was in Scorpio in the time frame November 1983-November 1995 the effect of Pluto's transiting energy was to radically transform the significant expressions, attitudes and experiences of all those born then.
The specific aspects of transformation fit strongly with the energies of the Scorpio-Taurus-Leo-Aquarius grouping, where each has a distinctive style but all are DNA programmed towards Survivalism.
In the Millennial mind
  • Scorpio's domains are power, uses of power, power abuse, sex, domination, the metaphysical 
  • Taurus is about physical survival - what things or conditions of life are considered essential
  • Leo is the Ego, the root of narcissism and entitlement, the born-to-rule-and-be-attended-to philosophy
  • Aquarius is the love of technology, networking, friendships, teamwork
The last time Pluto activated all 4 of these energies was in fact the Baby Boomer era - when Pluto transited Leo. Again social researchers cannot find agreement but June 1939-June 1958 [ with some months excepted] was the period when Pluto was in Leo. 
So this period also saw Leo, Aquarius , Taurus and Scorpio strongly activated for this generational sector, many of whom have parented the Pluto in Scorpio millennials - but the expressions were not so extreme.
In the baby boomer generation the 4 expressions were all explored but with different emphasis.
Yes the baby boomers were into sexual indulgence [ Scorpio ] materialism and money [ Taurus ] changing society [Aquarius ] and very creative forms of self expression [Leo ]  - overall more self satisfying intentions although many movements for social change were inherited by those born at the later stage or perpetuated by those born earliest in this generation- and it seems all these drives motivating the baby boomers have been modified and customised to fit a vastly different global mood. The visions of hope and prosperity held by baby boomers have been overwhelmed in the millennial mind with angst, anxiety, insecurity, hopelessness - the knowing too much [information] that has not been soothed by the building of inner resilience.
Both generations were born with survivalist instincts but baby boomers did not have to face unconquerable challenges.
The survival threat has gone up several notches.


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