Dramatic Eclipses of August: Metiria Turei profile

update: August 9th: within hours of this post Metiria Turei resigned her position as co-leader. Although the event occurred faster than anticipated in this report, strong pressures have been in place for several weeks as indicated by planetary forces in effect. It remains that the late August eclipse will also be a time of challenge for her.

In mid July 2017 Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei opened the hornet’s nest of her personal past in a conscious political act revealed at the party's AGM intended to open the conversation about poverty in New Zealand, specifically how much of a poverty trap the country’s “welfare” system literally is.

Rejection of the messenger has come from a broad swathe of the media, from within her own party, from political adversaries and from the public at large –whilst also firming up support from those who’ve walked in those shoes.

Turei recognised the sacrificial element as a risk in taking this bold and arguably unprecedented step in NZ political discourse. Politicians are more known as masters of the dark arts of denial, deflection, ducking, deceit and the whole messy melange known as dirty politics.

Turei chose to turn that culture on its head and tell the country that over 20 years ago when raising a daughter alone she discovered what a financial struggle it was, leading her to obtain extra undeclared income from flatmates.

Failing to gauge the depth of public animosity towards those whose disabilities – physical, mental or psychological - mean they cannot be part of the mainstream system, Turei and her party had to lock in a firm defence of the essence of the argument: that poverty is an issue in NZ, that people cannot live with any dignity or any hope of escape while the welfare trap is sealed in so tightly by government policy of absolute minimal weekly maintenance for those who qualify for state support, coupled with minimal investment in assisting people to improve their capacity to move beyond that support.

So why did an apparently humanitarian gesture from an advocate of the social justice wing of the Greens go so terribly wrong, rejected by the minds of so many?

An Astrological Assessment

A partial view is offered by comparing the energy on the day Metiria was born in February 1970 with the energy in effect in the late July-August period in 2017.

Without a time and place of birth the standard full picture is unavailable in this process but when something big erupts - an earthquake, a plane crash, a meltdown, a crisis - there are multiple signifiers able to give some clues.

Firstly August itself is the drama month. The Sun has a more potent energy in the late July-late August period. 
It’s not solar radiance/sunlight, it’s not visible, its an energy that promotes intense reactions and fundamentally drama on account of human responses to the strong energy – though for those who have the good side triggered its very warm and loving vibes.

August 2017 has two eclipses
Paired eclipses –solar and lunar happen at least twice a year. This year they are in the drama month and so the intensity is raised and when the Leo tribe [which includes Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius -and Metiria has all four of these energies] is under attack the most basic survival instincts are aroused…fight to the end or the death

Eclipses that directly impact an individual will occur at or in very close proximity in actual position to one or more factors present at birth. These factors –primarily the positions held by planets – occur at specific degree points so it is readily obvious to see if there is any current influence that sends a tuning fork response back to the birth energy of a person.

The first eclipse of August was early on Tuesday the 8th at 15 Leo-Aquarius [ Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon making it a full moon lunar eclipse.

The Moon in Aries on the day of the Greens AGM [16 July] activated her Mars and her fighting spirit was triggered more intensely by this eclipse. This confirms that her ongoing anger/frustration at government social policy needed to be called to account. And that time arose.

Metiria was born with a warrior energy [Mars at 14 Aries] supplementing her renegade spirit intent on social justice [Sun in Aquarius] She has lived her life according to these prime motivators.

She has the benefit of a deep thinking, analytical and insightful mind [Pluto in Virgo blended with Mercury in Capricorn ]

She believes in friends, networks, communities and working together for shared social cohesion [Sun and Venus in Aquarius]

A compassionate philosophy underlies her thinking [ Neptune in Sagittarius ]

She is prepared to martyr herself or make great personal sacrifice for the larger benefit of the collective of humanity [ North lunar node in Pisces ]

Her fighting spirit kicks in when threats to personal survival arise [Mars in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Saturn in Taurus ]

Loose boundaries and bending the rules are also natural traits of those with strong Pisces and Aquarius energy and these qualities are always personal risk factors when such people have to be curtailed by any strict system or conditions – like a river bypassing a blockage or an animal confined to a yard.

The second eclipse – August 21st - is a total solar –involving a New Moon in Leo [spanning the whole US continent in its area of visible totality –so watch the drama building there as pathways of eclipses are very important]

This eclipse effectively at 29 Leo will activate all birth energies very strongly which are in the range 28 & 29 Leo and 0 Virgo.

Metiria was born with Venus and Mercury at 28 and 29 degree positions so both will be strongly triggered continually by the building eclipse which has the potency of change energy driving it all through August [Uranus at 28 Aries ]

By week’s end –Thurs-Fri 24-25 August when Venus reaches 28 degrees and with the lunar node at 24 Leo maintaining for a month its exact opposition to her birth Sun chances are high that listening to her heart, abandoning ego, putting family before public life could see Metiria let go of her co-leadership of the Green Party, the battle relinquished, the larger picture embraced.
Such an act would thoroughly complete the sacrificial element for the benefit of the larger good [ the influence of Neptune in transit conjunct her Pisces north node ]
With Mercury in Capricorn Metiria would definitely feel a sense of responsibility and an urge to do the right thing -offsetting the looser elements of her personality. 
The question is whether Neptune can affect her to such a degree that she takes the personal out of the equation and trusts that her actions in precipitating the crisis, in the larger scheme of things may well have done her party and the Left the best favour ever - as well as raising the profile of a very humanitarian issue. 
Sometimes to win you have to lose.

Metiria Turei full transcript of AGM speech

Here's just the things you might see during a total solar eclipse
prominences and corona on display      via NASA


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